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Dedicated to the victims of abuse


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It is a sad reflection on our society that we have such a high, mostly unreported, level of abuse, particularly, though not exclusively, on females of all ages, some as young as twelve months.

The really sad part is that most of these people are made to feel, by the perpetrators, that they, the victims, are the ones to blame and that they are the ones who should be punished.

The story might have some twists from individuals but the result is the same; those who are the victims of this horrendous crime are the ones who are expected to bear the brunt of societies choice to ignore the problem and pretend it is not there.

Thus the victims are forced to suffer in silence for something that is not their fault and they feel that they are probably alone in what has happened. We are supposed to live in an enlightened world but still this cone of silence remains attached to such victims.

The song endeavours to get a message across to the victims and to those who choose to ignore their story, that they are not alone and that there are many, many sufferers out there who can truly understand. They also need to be aware that there  also many people out there who, at least in part, understand their plight and are only too willing to listen and to help where they can. No, they cannot undo what has been done but they can help the victims to regain the dignity that was violently stolen from them by those who used them for their own selfish gratification.

It is also my message that there is one who can take away the pain of abuse and that is Jesus. Not the wishy-washy Jesus that is bandied about so readily but the real one.

This project is dedicated to those victims.