Revenge porn is rather a cruel form of abuse and is enabled by bad decisions that enable photos/videos that they are happy to share with an individual (boyfriend/girlfriend), usually of a sexual nature, that are then shared around as revenge when the duo break up. The one who believes they have been victimised by the breakup (the perpetrator), shares the naked photos around. This sharing can be with the perpetrator's friends, with the friends of the victim, using public social media or, in the worse case scenario, publicly displayed on pornography sites. At best, the victim will feel acute embarrassment because of this publicity of something that is truly private. At worst, it can cause suicide. In many cases, the photos/videos shared are on sites that the victim can do nothing about getting them removed (pornography sites are the worst at this).

What can you do? Think carefully about allowing any form of photography or video to be taken that might be used to compromise you, no matter how much you currently trust the other person.