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We have people who will be writing special articles for the site. This page will be used for these.
Just click on the article heading to read the full article.

A Closer Look at the Common Signs of Domestic Abuse (With special focus on Childhood Abuse):
Regardless of the type of abuse a child experiences, it will leave scars. And they may not be visible at first, but if not dealt with and remedied (ie taken out of the abusive situation and counseling thereafter) these scars can later split wide open, leaving emotional bloodshed on us all.  Why ‘all’ of us? Because when a child is at risk of, or actually being abused, our silence is complicity and then we’re as guilty as anyone.. - READ THE ARTICLE

Constructive Dialogue and Disagreement: There are numerous ways to discuss things and disagree with someone without being abusive or causing pain - and I’m going to explore some of those ways, as well as their benefits, our responsibilities as Christians, and ways to deal with negativity, hostility and abuse. - READ THE ARTICLE

Is Your Child Being Abused?: A shocking statistic: in the USA alone, a child is abused approximately every ten seconds; three of those children will die every day from the abuse. This, again, is in America only.  But it happens everywhere, under our noses, every single day. READ THE ARTICLE

Fear:  the Common Dominator: No, that’s not a typo. Fear dominates us when we live with any kind of abuse. It also dominates the abuser, for that person fears losing control, losing love, losing you, losing everything. But I’m not so concerned with the abusers; they rarely change - even with therapy and motivation - so I’m going to discuss fear in the abused. (I’ll use the pronoun ‘he’  because most abuse is perpetrated by men, though there are many males who are abused as well.)  - READ THE ARTICLE