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Access Blogs

Express your views in anonymous blogs.

This aspect of our site is now up and working so as to allow victims of abuse to share
their experiences and feelings with other victims, so as to offer encouragement and hope.

After much agonising, we have devised a simple method for adding blogs.
Please click on the ADD BLOG button on the top of each blog page and a form will be opened.
Fill in the form with all the required data - any blank data spaces will invalidate your blog.
The Email address is to allow us to contact you if we feel a revision of what you have written is valid.

We will be reviewing blogs to ensure that they are suitable for children to be able to read
and find the appropriate enouragement.  This will occur before the blog is available
to be viewed by the public. When writing your blog, please keep this in mind.
Blogs deemed to be unsuitable will be removed from the site without any discussions.
We will endeavout to get to blogs as quickly as possible but as the team is small, there
may be some delays, so do not worry. The team are all volunteers so please keep this in mind.

The blogs will open in a new tab/window. Close that to return here.
Blogs will be limited to 10 a page with the latest being on the first page opened.
Move through the blogs using the control buttons at the top and bottom of each page.

Access Blogs