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We are now making available a range of brochures (more are planned) to help you to help reach out to victims of abuse. Some of these brochures are general ones while some will be more specific. All brochures are designed for trifold and double sided printing.

Of the ones that are specific, they are set to apply to a specific part of the world. There will be a general style but they are modified to apply to a specific area. If you can see a brochure on the list that is already applicable to your area, please feel free to download the brochure, print it off and distribute it. If there isn't one specifcally for your area, supply us with the relevant information (it will be the information in the general brochure of that type in green text) that applieds to your region, wel will modify the brochure, send it back to you for your checking and then it will be available.

With all brochures, all we ask is that if you are going to distribute an existing brochure, please let us know so that we are prepared for any contacts made to us from your area.

All brochures are grouped and we are planning more. The group brochure will be able to be accessed and then any specific brochues already done will be listed under the general brochure in point format.

Just click on a brochure to have the PDF file open in a seperate Tab/Window so that you may view it. Just close that Tab/Window to return to this page.

There is no charge payable to us for distributing any brochure, which can be done through whatever legal method you find applicable. Churches, for example, are making brochures available in the entrance area to their church buildings. We do ask that when you are printing the brochure for distribution that you print, as far as is possible, in full colour so as to reatin the impact of the brochure.


This brochure is a general information brochure about the Crying In The Silence project and contains basic information about us.

This is a brochure for specific are modification and covers information specific about how to recognise abuse and where to report it in your region. It does contain area specific information. Text in green is to be modified to suit your area.

This brochure details the main reasons why we should always report child abuse or the suspicions of such abuse. No child deserves the sentence that child abuse places over them for life. It does contain area specific information. Text in green is to be modified to suit your area.