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This page contains links to a number of videos found on YouTube that are directly related to abuse and help to show that victims are neither alone or unique in what they have suffered. The videos will open in a new Tab/Window and you simply close that Tab/Window to return to this list. There are many, many more related videos to be found on YouTube and these will be shown alongside the one you select from this list and you may choose to follow those links as well. Not all the related videos are either relevant or good. The ones listed on this site have all been played, reviewed and selected for some aspct of relevance to the subject of abuse.  There is a dominance of Child Abuse clips in the list because these are victims who have the least voice in this problem and need to have people who will speak out for them. We have also given a loose classification of each video as a guideline to what you select or allow others to watch. Our classifications are not rigid but serve as a guideline, especially for parents.

There are three videos related to the song "Dear Mr Jesus". We make no apology for that because it is a powerful song and the clips are different enough to bring home different aspects of the problem.

We are also adding videos that offer Christian based encouragement. These are to be found in the second section of videos further down the page. These videos will also open in a new Tab/Window and you simply close that Tab/Window to return to this list.

There is also a feature video, which will change regularly, that you can play within this page by simply clicking the start button in the middle of the video screen..

C - Children
CS - Children with Parental Supervision
T - Teenagers
A - Adult
AO - Adults Only

The classification appears alongside each video.

VIDEO Classification Time
Child Abuse CTA 4:00
Silence Hurts C T A 3:10
Sexual Abuse Slide Show T A 5:32
Linda Smith, discusses sex trafficking of children T A 6:34
Women's Self Defense - Against a bedroom rape attempt T A 2:15
Incest, Rape, Violence ... Destroying our Children T A 1:54
Sad story- Child Abuse C T A 3:30
Sad story- Child Abuse 2 C T A 5:07
Don't Look Away: A Child Abuse Awareness Video C T A 3:53
"The Kelsey Briggs Story." (True Story Original) C T A 5:35
Child Abuse C T A 1:05
Child Abuse - Does Anybody Hear Her?
C T A 5:16
YouTube Challenge "2007" Child Abuse AO 5:24
Child Abuse Awareness - Do You Care? C T A 4:17
Dear Mr. Jesus CS T A 4:05
Dear Mr Jesus - Sims 2 Version You may Cry !! CS T A 4:22
Dear Mr Jesus (Stop child abuse) CS T A 3:47
"I'm Okay" C T A 5:29
How Does It Feel - Child Abuse T A 3:39
The Silent Child.. Child Sexual Abuse T A 3:44
Male Sexual Abuse Effects T A 4:58
NSPCC Report - How safe are our children? CS T A 2:50
The Four Workplace Bully Types

VIDEO Classification Time
Louie Giglio - Laminin  -  A video of encouragement C T A 8:43
How He Loves Us - Kim Walker C T A 8:52
Inheritance - Graham Cooke C T A 8:42
A Good Day - Brother David Steindl-Rast C T A 5:32
Pilot Jessica Cox C T A 3:03
Are You Going To Finish Strong CTA 2:40
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety CTA 9:28
Times Are Hard - Bryant Sterling CTA 5:03
Baa We're Lambs - Apologetix - A light hearted encouragment CTA 2:16
Amazing Grace - sung in Cherokee (Native American) CTA 6:01
Isaiah Reed Testimony TA 8:52
I Know My Redeemer Lives
A video of one father's dedication to his disabled son
CTA 4:35
The Home Run
An incrdible story of true sportsmanship.
CTA 7:14
Playing Piano With Feet CTA 5:50
Angels In The Landfill TA 1:31
Make A Difference - The story of Teddy Stallard: a truth than cannot be ignored if you truly care about others. CTA 8:53
12 Year Old Girl Who Was Bullied Sings a Beautiful Song: Savannah was the victim of severe bullying, so she sang the song Beautiful to remind others in her situation that they are beautiful...and words can't bring them down. This is wonderful. CTA 4:44
To This Day Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously. CTA 7:37
Patrick Stewart talks openly in support of the fight against abuse CTA 7:40