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Sexual relationships between adults and children are always wrong.

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We want everyone of you to watch this video and then be sure to share with all your family and friends. Its REALLY important info, about what your posting things on your cell phones can do TO YOU!!! Too much technology out there these days so beware...........


If you have children or grandchildren you NEED to watch this. I had no idea this could happen from taking pictures on the blackberry or cell phone. It's scary.

2014 December 6: (USA) Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital DETAILS

 Sexting is a rising trend, especially amongst the young. However, it is highly dangerous and can be deemed illegal in many circumstances. We recommend that you watch the following news story to see the dangers.

Australian Child Abuse Survey
Survey of Child Abuse in Australia

Link to our sub-site on ShoutLife

The single most important thing you can do to protect your child from online predators is to NEVER ALLOW a computer to be in a child's bedroom, especially a teen. Computers belong in a public part of the house, like the kitchen or family room.


Written by:  Wanda Strickland November 01, 2009

A frightened voice in the night
Will anyone understand your plight?
An un-uttered cry with no voice;
Wondering, do you have a choice?

Footsteps in the night to your bed.
Fear-filled, anguished, you dread.
Acts performed without consent;
Anger so deep…no where to vent.

As you endure another assault,
Thinking, somehow it’s my fault.
Emotions lying, no one cares;
Tighter, deeper, the web ensnares.

Feelings of worthlessness and shame,
Denying again, the relentless pain.
Intense feelings of rejection,
Constant fear of detection.

A lonely voice in the night;
Who’ll understand your plight?
In this world so all alone;
Never a sense, you belong.

A frightened voice in the night;
Lord, will You intervene tonight?
Questions… why’s go unanswered;
Your mind attacked with the absurd.

Bound by strongholds of doubt and fear;
Unable to trust, no one near.
Self-sufficiency becoming a must;
Coping to survive, you adjust.

 Missing God’s plan for your life;
Consumed by the pain and strife.
Yet, Christ is patiently calling;
Even in the midst of your bawling.

Come my child, you are so loved;
Chosen and valued my beloved.
Held and protected in my hand;
Someday, you will understand.

CLICK HERE for more poems on abuse by this poet.


Little Tanilla was only two
Whipped and beaten
Until she was black and blue
What kind of minds could
Do this notorious act
Whipping her to do
Countless laps
Screaming at the
Top of her  tiny voice
No one heard her
She had no choice
How did this go on for so long
Was this child unseen
Sadly it’s becoming
A typical scene
Tanilla suffered
Severe and agonizing
Physical abuse
This is pure evil
Like demons on the loose
For months this little child
Suffered torture and pain
No compassion and no shame
Now this little child is gone
Her young life taken before
Her life has really begun
Natalie Mcdonnell July 2013

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R. J. Burling 02 January, 2009

Loneliness within her heart just seems to get her down
Does not want to live a life ex-pressed with only frown
But that’s how she feels.
Tortured by the past she left behind so long ago
Why she had to go through that she just does not know
Only pain she feels.            So she’s

    Crying in the silence: a pain within her heart
    Crying in the silence: why did the feelings start.
    Crying in the silence: the pain hurts deep inside
    Crying in the silence: the shame she feels to hide.

No-one would believe her when she tried to tell her tale
They would turn and tell her it was just a fairytale
They just said she lied
Battered, bruised and shattered she just had to go alone
No one wants to hear the sound of pain that makes her groan
She just left and cried.        left her       

Doesn’t want to go on: she just feels that none could care
None to sit and talk about the pain she needs to share
No-one hears her call
Fate has dealt a blow to her she feels none understand
Wasn’t life supposed to be something that was grand
Wants to end it all.            Now she’s

    Crying in the silence: a pain within her heart
    Crying in the silence: why did the feelings start.
    Crying in the silence: the pain hurts deep inside
    Crying in the silence: the shame she feels to hide.

    Crying in the silence: where no-one feels her pain
    Crying in the silence: her heart is filled with pain
    Crying in the silence: she feels she can’t go on
    Crying in the silence.

Dedicated to the victims of abuse.

The video of the song is to be found on the Video page. This song may also be downloaded from the Song page.

Signs to look out for
Family violence/abuse is not always obvious. Some key signs to look out for include:
• The person seems afraid of a family member
• The person has stopped seeing friends or family
• The person seems anxious or depressed, has lost confidence and is unusually quiet
• The person has physical injuries such as bruises, broken bones, sprains or cuts
• The person says that they are being pressured to do sexual things
• Their family member criticises or humiliates the person in front of other people.

How you can help
• Listen to what the person has to say and believe them
• Tell the person that the violence is not their fault
• Encourage the person to seek help
• Be patient and let them come to their own decisions

What differentiates a survivor from a victim is that a survivor has the ability to let go of what 'was' to survive what 'is'.

The Heiner Affair Link
Updates on what is appearing to be a scandalous cover up of state level child abuse. This is an Australian news event.

2015 May 7: Just had a report in on this abuse by Family & Community Services in NSW Australia, where they paid a visit to, according to them, have a friendly chat with a mother, but went with the support of 2 police officers. If this is not abuse, what is?

2015 May 1: A recent video demonstration shows how alarming and easy child abduction can be. They tested children whose parents had drilled their children on "stranger danger" but, it appears that it may be to nop avail. Watch this video and see how easy it was. Child Abduction Social Experiment

Do you think your children are not at risk online? Reading this story should convince you otherwise. The figure 20,000+ predators snared by this sting should be a wake up call to every parent. DETAILS

2014 December 6: (USA) This would have to be one of the worst cases of a system that is out of control. How any bureaucrat could sink this low astounds me but when you realise that is just a bureaucrat but the entire system that has done this, it makes you wonder just how evil it has become. DETAILS

Not before Time: Australia lags way behind the world in this aspect so good to see it is finally happening. 2014 October 15: (Australia) Northern Territory first jurisdiction Australia to introduce publicly available serious sex offender register website DETAILS

2014 June 12: (USA) Is this really what parents want their teenagers to be taught? ”50 Shades of Safe” – Planned Parenthood teaches BDSM to teens. DETAILS

2014 May 19: Ten dirty tricks used by child protection to steal your children: Sadly, too many of those who are "officially" there to protect children are, in fact, not concerned about the welfare of the child but in meeting hidden agendas that are not beneficial to the child. Read this article to be more aware.

2014 May 7: There is only one thing worse than losing a newborn child. That is when the child is taken from you by a bureaucracy that has gone too far, while, supposedly, being there to protect children. DETAILS

2014 February 17: The story that was forwarded to us over the weekend (dated 17 January) further highlighted the major shortcomings of the so-called Child Protection Services. There are far too many reported deaths (and, worse still, missing children in care), not to mention those that are not reported, for people not to be concerned on this matter. Reports of paedophiles been given custody of young children is included in this concern. These stories highlight the inadequacies of the system and re-enforces a recent report (primarily into the English system but inferring it is wolrd wide) of the fact that the system is more about flling quotas for getting more money rather than the actual protection of the children. It is time that governments that fund Child Protection Services took a serious and responsible look at how these services are actually operating. (see DETAILS)

2014 Febriuary 13: It is sad when the obsession of parents for the success they demand from their children results in tragic violence. The reported death in Austrlia today must send shivers down the spines of those who work with children in sport and see this in parents, coaches and officials. Sadly this family have paid the supreme price. SEE DETAILS

2014 January 16: Children Screaming To Be Heard is an organisation dedicated to giving a voice to the child victims who are seized by child care authorities and then become "non-entities", people without rights, without a voice and without contact with the family memmbers they loved. Go to our LINKS page for the link to their website.

2014 January 4: From today there is a slightly new format to our news stories. A separate web page exists for each year of news. The links at the top of each of the News Pages will take you to the page containing that year.

2013 December 21: In what could almost be considered as REVENGE PORN ABUSE (though it is slightly different) this story does highlight the need for young people, especially girls, to be wary of providing nude photos of themselves to people online

2013 December 4: A new link has bee added to the site. CHOICES4LIFE hopes to enable women and children of rape conception to be embraced and not shunned.

2013 December 2: In what is yet another example of bureaucratic abuse of power, an Italian woman is currently fighting for the custody of her baby taken from womb in court-ordered c-section DETAILS

2013 November 29: Joanne McCarthy has been awarded the 2013 Gold Walkley Award (the pinnacle of journalistic achievement in Australia) for her stories exposing the abuse of children by priests in the Newcastle (Australia) region.

2013 November 18: Finally, the search engine giant, Google, has agreed to block child pornography. Initially, the ban will apply only to English sites but will be further expanded. This brings a great victory to decent people around the world. DETAILS

2013 November 15: 65 Aussies arrested in Canadian abuse bust. The world wide bust included the arrest of around 340 people including teachers, pastors, priests, doctors, nurses, youth workers and carers. DETAILS

2013 November 14: Conversations Matter is a practical online resource to support safe and effective community discussions about suicide.

2013 November 8: (USA) The thinnest girl in the world (A story of encouragement) DETAILS

2013 October 21: Female Mutilation. This is a graphic and quite detailed of this horrific action that is peformed under Islamic Law, that they believe is the right thing. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS VERY GRAPHIC  DETAILS

2013 October 12: A story out of Norway this week is enough to send shivers down your back. The female prosecuter in a case where 4 Muslims raped a 12 year old girl, asked that her clients were only given community service as a punishment. This is an apparent outrage and insult. DETAILS

2013 September 28: This video has just been brought to our attention and it is very alarming. Just one case and we have 100 girls groomed and sexually abused by a gang that are now in the court system. What Crying In The Silence wants to know is why has there been no outrage by the mainstream media over this case or is their lack of commentary a statement that they approve of this abuse. Time for the mainstream media to be answerable for their silence. SEE THE VIDEO

2013 September 3: Yet another example of the system failing the victims of child abuse with the release (again) of Jon Venables with yet another new identity. DETAILS

2013 August 31: (Canada) Normalising paedophilia is not a new topic but is controversial. This story was brought to our attention and we share the interview. DETAILS Video Story only

2013 Ausgust 28: It appears that the British Government has double standards about its protection of children from abuse following the revelation of a video you can view from our NEWS page for this date.

2013 August 23: (India) Despite all the outcry and subsequent promises, we find that yet another case of gang rape has occured: Woman photographer gang-raped in Mumbai (see NEWS page)

2013 August 15: Today we have added two new forms of abuse to our list (see INFORMATION). Whilst they are, in part, covered by other forms abuse, the rise in occurrence of abuse related to Social Media sites (both managemnt and users) has prompted us to now list these as seperate items.

It is an alarming fact, especially in western nations, that abuse, especially of women and children (but not exclusively to them) is at such an alarming percentage of the population. What is so sad is that it is believed that for every case that is revealed, there could be as many as 5 (or more) that remain undetected or unreported.

This is a sad reflection upon western society. The perpetrators, in many cases, have convinced their victims that they (the victim) are the guilty person and if they dare to report it, they will be the one that is punished. Fear is the main weapon of the perpetrator and this is the main thing that we, as a society, must strive to overcome.

Society is equally to blame by ignoring the problem; pretending that the problem does not exist and even belittling victims who try to bring the fact before someone so as the problem can be dealt with. This is especially the case when a member of the family (or close friend) is the perpetrator, because the family feels they will be shamed by exposing the problem and would rather let it continue, scarring the victim for life, than to take action and deal with it.

It is very common in situations where one parent, with children, starts a new relationship and the new partner is a perpetrator (either known or unknown to them or society) and rather than lose their new partner, prefer to ignore the warning signs that their children may be displaying or trying to tell them about. 

The other sad fact is that a large percentage of the victims are made to believe (partly by society) that it is all in their mind and that people do not want to hear about their fictional stories. Along with this attitude is the belief that it must be something to do with them as there is no one else who has this problem.


On both accounts are these two beliefs very wrong. In most cases (probably greater than 99.5% of the cases) the victim is just that: the victim of the cold hearted desire of the perpetrator to inflict pain and suffering upon their victim so that they, the perpetrator, may gain some "sick" pleasure, by a variety of means including sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial, social, spatial, spiritual, mental and other forms of abuse.

In some countries, it is now mandatory to report suspicion of child abuse. That is a good step forward but it is highly questionable as to whether or not this is making a difference. The difference can only come when society, as a whole, realises that it is a problem and one that has a high social cost attached to it. Remember, for the victim, it is a life sentence.

With this project, we are trying to raise awareness of both the victims and society (in general) that abuse is not normal and is totally unacceptable.

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