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Dedicated to the victims of abuse


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We are now opening our doors to public membership. This does not cost any membership fee, other than a commitment to be involved with and support the fight agianst all types of abuse in your area, as well as on a global scale.
To apply to become a member, please fill in Email (essential), Title (optional),  First Name (optional), Last Name (optional), Country and then list the areas where you would like to be involved in (check whatever boxes are relevant). Then add any comments at the bottom that tell us a little bit about you and the reason for involvement.

Membership details will not be kept online or publicly distributed.

Your details (please complete) -
Your Email address Essential, if you are wanting us to reply to you.
Your Email address is really essential as without it we will not be able to contact you and welcome you into the organisation. Nor would we be able to add you to our newsletter to keep you informed.
The country you live in is essential as it helps us to determine where you are from and how that influences our planning for the future.
The type of involvement you choose is just what you feel you are able to do.
First Name
Last Name
Street number and name (or postal address)
This helps us to know where you come from so that we may apply cultural factors.
If your country is not listed, please write in the second box.
Sex (Male or Female)
(Select The Relevant Checkboxes)
General Support (People who want to let us know they support our work)
Prayer Support (Prayer points will be sent to you as needed. Prayer support is important to us)
Article Writer (Writing articles on abuse)
Contributer (Contributing articles, pictures and other items of interest)
News Reporter (Locating stories about abuse from the world press to add to our news pages)
Advisor (Giving us advice and guidance in our work)
Counsellor (People we can refer those in need to. Please list qualifcations in comments box)
Designer/Graphic Artist (Always a need for such skills)
Other - please use box below
The Comments
This things you want  us to know about your specific interests and qualifications.