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This page is dedicated to songs that are relevant to the subject of abuse and to offer encouragement to victims

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Ten of these songs (at the time) belong to the owners of this site and there are NO licensing restrictions on those songs for any country in the world as far as being played on the Internet is concerned. Until this matter is resolved, temporary buttons have been placed under each of such songs in the column to the right to allow these songs to be played for your pleasure and interest. Playing will open a new Tab/Window.  Many of these songs were, in fact, written specifically for this project.

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People are asked to submit relevant songs (not video music) to add to the site. Use the contact form to submit and please be sure to tell us the URL of the song.

Original songs will be considered and uploaded to the site for access by the player. To submit an original song, please contact us through the contact form so that we may advise you on how to send us an MP3 version of your song. This song will then be reviewed and, if deemed suitable, will then be used. The person submitting the song will be required to make statutory declarations that they are the owner of the song. If  there are more than one person is involved with the song, each person must be listed and sign that statutory declaration. We will not tolerate breaches of copyright in this capacity.


1. Crying In The Silence: The theme song for our site which tells of the agony of being a victim and being forced to carry this shame in silence because the world would rather ignore the problem.
Crying In The Silence
2. Victim Or Victor: When things happen to us in life we have a choice of the next move. We can be a victim or we can choose the better alternative and conquer the problem to become a victor.
Victim or Victor
3. Dear Mr. Jesus: A beautiful song that expresses well the viewpoint of a child confronted with child abuse.
4. Tears Of A Child: How does a child look at the abuse they are receiving. This song captures a child's feelings of being a victim.
Tears Of A Child
5. He's My Son:  A father's prayer for his young son.
6. Amazing Grace: There is untold grace in what God can do. This version is sung in a native American Indian language, making it a little different.
7. Turn, Turn, Turn: Eccesiastes 3:1-8 - To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.
8. Joel: A three part epic that deals with how innocent, naive young women are seen as sexual objects in society, amplified by choices they can make.
9. The Healing: There is so much hurt in the world but there is a healing that can cover it all. That is the healing found only in the real Christ Jesus.
The Healing
10. If Everyone Cared: The ideal world where there would be no tears, no lies and nothing bad. God can bring that world in for us..
11. A Slave Of Abuse: it is about a woman who is trapped in abusive relationship and is pregnant with a child that is destined to be just another toy of abuse for her partner. However, she does have a way out, if she will take the courage to make the step of change.
A Slave Of Abuse
12. Claim Back: The devil will try and rob you of the things you once were yours. That includes your rights to be free and not be a victim of abuse. The song encourages you to claim back the things the devil has robbed you of.
Claim Back
13. The Ballad Of Bobbie Lee: This one deals with the abuse of a girl through childhood until, at 21, she commits suicide. The song deals with just how abuse can twist the mind of a victim and the catastrophic results that can follow.  *** WARNING *** This song may offend you
The Ballad Of Bobbie Lee
14. Footsteps In The Night: The song is about a young teenage girl who is abused by her father and whose mother will not believe the girl's story. It is the most dreaded sound to a child - those "footsteps in the night" - for they herald yet another attack on their vulnerable body.
The Ballad Of Bobbie Lee
15. God Will Calm Your Storm: There are many storms in our life but it is when things are really tough that God comes to offer help and release,. Sadly, we usually miss His soft voice that offers true help. Victims of abuse travel through many storms and there is help available.
God Will Calm The Storm
16. Parasites Of Society: Sadly there are many people out there, male and female, who take a delight in looking for generous people who are willing to help others. for the sole purpose of using and abusing them. They move in on these people, making them victims of abuse while they take anything they can from the just to satisfy their own selfish lusts and desires.  *** WARNING *** This song may offend you
Parasites Of Society
17. Drunken Abuser: Alcohol is one of the major causes of abuse, especially in relationships. One partner has too much alcohol and then abuses the other in whatever form of abuse takes their fancy. The abuse is most often sexual and physical. This abuse is often carried over to children in the relationship, who become innocent and helpless victims of the abuse of alcohol.  *** WARNING *** This song may offend you
Drunken Abuser
18. Give Me A Reason To Live: When people fall victim to abuse there is no telling how it may affect them as an individual. Victims of abuse are a major part of suicide statistics though this is not always shown as the reason. Victims of abuse make this cry over and over again - they want to dai, if only someone would give them a reason to live.  *** WARNING *** This song may offend you
Give Me A Reason To Live