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This page will carry news items of general interest (not specific cases or anything like that) from around the world that may interest victims and supporters. Stories will be filed under the order of occurrence.
If you have stories of such a nature from your country, we would love you to Email them to us (using the contact form) so that we can include the stories on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the story links on our site are only written in the language of the country concerned.

Where a news story details are linked, we cannot guarantee how long the story will remain. The link will open in a fresh Tab/window. If the link does not work, please tell us. 


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Link to The Last Crusade
Mostly news relating to the Muslim world

The Heiner Affair Link
Updates on what is appearing to be a scandalous cover up of state level child abuse in Australia.


2014 December 29: Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children DETAILS

2014 December 24: Child Sex Slaves Resort To Killing Each Other To Escape Horrors Of ISIS DETAILS

2014 December 23: (Bosnia) Seven girls ‘knocked up’ on school excursion DETAILS

2014 Decemebr 20: (India) Hindus Take Young Woman And Gang Rape Her, As They Are Raping Her, They Take Her 2 Year Old Son And Crush Him To Death DETAILS

2014 December 19: (England) 'VIP' child abuse ring investigated over murders DETAILS

2014 December 11: (Australia) SA Coroner Mark Johns told Chloe Valentine sang ‘I want a horny daddy’ DETAILS

2014 December 6: (USA) Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital DETAILS

2014 December 3: (Australia Web giants face fines in online bullying crackdown DETAILS

2014 December 2: (Australia) Children sexually abused at NSW yoga retreat, witness to tell royal commission DETAILS

2014 December 1: (Australia) Families SA used an unsupervised chauffeur to send 16-month-old Chloe Valentine back to her "paralytic" mother DETAILS

2014 November 27: (Spain) Pope's 'pain' as second man accuses Spanish priests of abuse DETAILS

2014 November 7: (USA) Mother and her boyfriend 'laughed as they tortured her three-year-old son for weeks DETAILS

2014 November 5: (Australia) Six-year-old Kylie Maybury’s 1984 Melbourne Cup Day kidnap, and rape and murder, faces fresh investigation by Victoria Police DETAILS

2014 November 5: (Australia) Child abuse: Man, 49, allowed to continue molesting girl, 14, a year after police and girl’s mum knew of abuse DETAILS

2014 November 3: (USA) Aust police help catch US pedophile DETAILS

2014 November 2: (Australia) Fairfield police say domestic violence against women reflects national problem DETAILS

2014 October 22: (Australia) Australian convicted in child sex sting using virtual girl DETAILS

2014 October 15: (Australia) The Morcombe's stern warning to the Qld government DETAILS

2014 October 15: (Australia) Northern Territory first jurisdiction Australia to introduce publicly available serious sex offender register website DETAILS

2014 October 13: (Australia) Teacher repeatedly raised concerns about paedophile DETAILS

2014 October 7: (Australia) Hillsong pastor blamed me, says victim. DETAILS

2014 September 14: (United Kingdom) Teen forced to sleep with 1800 men in Satanic sex cult DETAILS

2014 September 10: (Australia) It is so sickening to see the depth that some people will lower themselves to in order to satisfy their warped sexual desires at the expense of a child or young person. DETAILS

2014 August 8: (Australia) Domestic violence: the 'silent epidemic' claiming the life of one woman every eight days DETAILS

2014 July 16: (USA) Teenager took his own life after viral video bullying DETAILS

2014 June 21: (USA) This Is How A Domestic Violence Victim Falls Through The Cracks DETAILS

2014 June 18: (Australia) Report reveals Navy's Leeuwin abuse horror DETAILS

2014 June 12: (USA) ”50 Shades of Safe” – Planned Parenthood teaches BDSM to teens DETAILS

2014 June 12: (Australia) Schoolyard comment leads to incest raid DETAILS

2014 May 26: (Australia) A judge has broken down while jailing a Victorian pedophile priest DETAILS

2014 May 22: (Australia) Women forced into slavery under partner migration program DETAILS

2014 May 09: (Australia) Babysitters from hell guilty of child pornography charges in Brisbane District Court DETAILS

2014 May 07: (Australia) The Toxic Environment of Child Protection DETAILS

2014 April 28: (Indonesia) Sex abuse scandal rocks elite international school in Indonesia DETAILS

2014 April 2: Father of boy who died in squalor pleads guilty to neglect charges DETAILS

2014 April 2: (USA) Pregnant stepmother and father 'kept starving 5-year-old son in a locked closet under the stairs' DETAILS

2014 March 26: (USA) Child hurt by razor blades glued to playground equipment DETAILS

2014 March 26: (England) A mother's most brutal betrayal DETAILS

2014 March 15: (Pakistan) 'Raped' Pakistan teen dies after setting self on fire DETAILS

2014 March 7: Police arrest drug-addicted parents DETAILS

2014 March 2: Police release image over Vic kidnap bid DETAILS

2014 February 27: Cyber bully threat real DETAILS

2014 February 23: Mum's boyfriend - the worst sexual risk to children DETAILS

2014 February 17:  (England) Child protection services: A mother’s diary records the awful death of a child 'in care’ DETAILS

2014 February 14: (England) Pregnant woman who abused nine-month old baby and a five-year-old girl to please a paedophile she met on the internet is jailed for six years DETAILS

2014 February 13: (Australia) Boy dead, Vic police shoot father DETAILS

2014 February 12: (Australia) The father of the 13-year-old Australian girl who married a Lebanese Muslim was a Muslim convert himself DETAILS

2014 February 7: (USA) Couple charged after girl dies from drinking soda DETAILS

2014 February 7: (Australia) Man charged after 'marrying' 12-year-old DETAILS

2014 February 5: (England) Schoolboy, 13, rapes his eight-year-old sister after watching porn on the X-Box because he 'wanted to try it out' DETAILS

2014 January 24: (USA) Parents Slap Daughter's Cyberbullies With Rare Lawsuit DETAILS

2014 January 24: (India) Kangaroo court orders Indian woman to be gang-raped by 13 men for having a relationship with a man from another village. DETAILS

2014 January: This month there is a push on to raise awareness of human trafficking and to bring a halt to this hideous crime DETAILS

2014 January 16:: TV presenter reveals sex abuse 'to break taboo' DETAILS

2014 January 15: Train death highlights sad body obsession DETAILS

2014 January 15: (Australia) The Toxic Environment of Child Protection DETAILS

2014 January 12: (England) Female MP abused boy in care DETAILS

2014 January 2: (England) Parents Set Up Hidden Camera to Monitor Autistic Son’s Therapy Sessions DETAILS