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We are commencing issuing a newsletter that the general visitors to our site can read. This newsletter will contain things that had happened on the site and additional things that we are planning or may interest some people that we have chosen not to put on the site. This may not be regular but we will get it there when there are things to say. Only the current newsletter will be available on site.
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Sexual relationships between adults and children are always wrong.

Saturday 30th June, 2012

Dear Friends,

As I sat wondering what could now be done for the victims of abuse, I thought that it would be time for some reflection of where we have come from since the beginning of 2009 (yes, it is three and a half years since the movement started) and, while it may seem not much is happening on the site, stories continue to come in.

We are also blessed with a continually growing number of links to world wide resources that are available to help the victims of abuse. These services are the biggest thing to help victims as many of these have considerable expertise at hand to deal with specific people's needs. Of course, we need more because, while ever abuse continues to grow within our worldwide society, there is a growing need for more and more available services, especially in countries that we have yet to get anuything from.

Abuse is not confined to borders, socio-economic groups, gender or technology.

In the past few years we have seen a rapid growth in on-line abuse in a variety of natures. The rapid growth of social network sites has increased the access of abusers to a wider group of victims. While some of these sites have some tools in place to catch this problem, it needs to be drastically increased on all social network sites. One of the biggest problems is that most social network sites do not require any proof of identity when you sign on. That means that anyone can be anyone they like. While there is some advantage in anonimity (such as allowing people to raise issues of major concern with limited chance of reprisal), abusers have been handed an almost free hand to do what they like, especially with children. Our news stories constantly feature articles of grooming by sex offenders and of bullying (probably the 2 biggest problems). It is our belief that a proof of identity, especially in the major sites (such as Facebook) would drastically reduce this problem. Now this does not mean that you cannot have a pseudonym for your online presence - it means that you can be quickly identified. Sure, all sites require a genuine Email address, but they are so easy to create that it makes a laughing stock of this so called "proof of identity".

The other alarming trend that is happening is the rise in beauracratic abuse, where people are hiding behind the mask of government protection agencies, to inflict abuse and victimisation on people, especially families and children. This is certainly on the increase in western countries. The sad part is that many of these are agencies set up to protect the very people they abuse.

What we can do about this is not clear but we certainly need to be more aware of it and apply pressure to politicians (in particular) to put safeguards in place that will limit this problem.

To end on a positive note, our support friends for the site have spread to many countries since we started and it is encouraging to see a rise in groups that are making a stand in this area. One that I spend a lot of time keeping in touch with is a Facebook group called Fighters Against Child Abuse. If you are a Facebook member, I recommend that you link to this group. We are also in the process of setting up a Facebook page as well, just to spread the word even further.

Keep up the fight in this area. Keep the news and links flowing in. And, above all, keep this fight against abuse in your prayers.