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Dedicated to the victims of abuse


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The aims of this project are as follows:

1. to make victims of abuse fully aware that they are NOT the guilty party in the event and that their suffering, torment, shame and guilt are suffered by many, many other people all around this planet;

2. to offer an avenue of disclosure for victims to seek advice, encouragement, guidance and other things that may be available to them where they live;

3. to offer friendly people who are prepared to just listen to what you have been through as you seek to unburden your heart of this torment;

4. to make the general community more aware of the problem, the suffering and the lack of public support that is suffered by victims; and

5. to endeavour to have people more willing to accept that such stories, especially by children, are not a product of a fertile imagination but are real.


Now this is a challenge of faith for us all. At this point I will share it with just you people but will make it a wider sharing when I get the website updated later this week and can put out a newsletter.

The challenge is to start a chain of accommodation centres for victims of abuse that will, at this point in time, be called Victory Centres, where victims of abuse can go (regardless of the abuse) and discover the victory that God can give them, changing them from victims to victors. In this part of the vision, God showed me some old hotels (many no longer used as such but still having plenty of rooms where people can live) that we would obtain for this purpose. Now I am going to say here that the buildings I saw may not have been literal but were in fact getting across the message. These places could, in fact, be old hostels, motels, and the like that had accommodation rooms and an administration centre.

Now, I am aware that we are talking big money here, but God has more money than we could possibly need so we must be being called to step out in faith to walk this path. I guess I was given the model of the centres that this guy was speaking about and the big dollars he has been given (as one example, in the few short years he has been operating these centres, he has been give 19 donations of $1,000,000 each, not to mention the millions of dollars in smaller donations). God can provide. We have to put total faith and trust in Him and let this vision happen.

It is an exciting vision and we are being called to step out and trust God. I know it is a big ask but I also am in no doubt that it can be achieved. Prayer is being called for. Look to what can be achieved through this.Please believe with us.

14th September, 2009

This page will expand in time with advice and guidelines being added as obtained.