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We are hoping to be able to add suitable resources for the abused as time goes by. These resources will be both physical reources and online resources.

Resources are also available through the links page of this site.

While many links may be country specific, they do carry information of a general nature as well and, as such, are worth reading

POLICE: In many countries throughout the world, the police operate special units for children who are abused. Please contact your local police for access to such services in your country.

International/General Australia Holland
Philippines USA Canada
New Zealand United Kingdom Belgium

KidZui - The Internet for kids


Country List
Dissecting Cyberbullying: An Interview with Dr. Justin W. Patchin. The interview is just over 12 minutes but well worth listening to or reading(there is a print out of the interview). Is a resource for anyone who may have a connection with cyberbullying.

Documatica Notice of Harassment Kit (for School Bullying)
This free online kit is a combination of forms that can be used to help resolve bullying incidences in elementary and high schools in the United States and Canada. The site also says useful for the following countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, India, Mexico and Brazil.

Stop The Hurting-A Guide to Child Abuse Prevention - a very useful resource.
Why Has Child Abuse Gone On For So Long - a very informative editorial.

Sexting 101: What you Need to Know as a Parent  - This is the use of messaging technology (such as mobile phones) to send messages of a distinct sexual nature.

Survivors of Incest Abuse and Rape - A very interesting single page that has a number of links to various aspects of abuse, including, rape, incest, abuse of the elderly and much more. The links in this site will take you to many other like minded sites.

Child Abuse Prevention Network - International

Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Code Amber Alert - an International site

National Network For Child Care - an International site about child abuse.

The Child Protection Guide - A newsletter relating to child protection issues. The web site also has some reallly wonderful resources for those who work in abuse areas with children and who need to have a better understanding of child abuse issues.

You Are A Target, Not A Victim - A website filled with resources, encouragement and guidelines for the victims of abuse.

Dreamcatchers For Abused Children - Helping to perish an abused child's nightmare. is a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide. includes up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications and includes details about associated side effects to aid in the protection of patients and consumers.

Healing Emotional Abuse: "A Long-Suffering Woman stuck Through One Unhealthy Relationship after Another Discovered How to Break This Pattern and Build a Relationship Where She is Safe and Healed from Emotional Abuse, Fulfilling Her Dreams At Last. "  A link at the bottom of this page leads you to a number of very helpful articles.

How to talk to a friend who is in an abusive relationship. CLICK HERE

Ten dirty tricks used by child protection to steal your children: Sadly, too many of those who are "officially" there to protect children are, in fact, not concerned about the welfare of the child but in meeting hidden agendas that are not beneficial to the child. Read this article to be more aware.


Country List
Reach Out Australia

Bursting The Bubble

Youth NSW - Helping With Abuse

Reducing Violence

NSW, AUSTRALIA: Child Protection Unit - Mater Hospital

Enough Campaign of The Victorian Government
Women and children experiencing family violence:
Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service provides 24 hour crisis support and safe accommodation (refuges) for women and their children.
Contact them on 1800 015 188 or (03) 9322 3555.
Kids’ Helpline is a nationwide 24 hour telephone support for children and young people. Contact them on 1800 551 800.
Men wanting to end their violence and abuse against family members: Men’s Referral Service provides information and referral for men who want to change their abusive behaviour. Contact them on 1800 065 973 or (03) 9428 2899 (Monday to Friday 9am – 9 pm) Visit the Men's Referral Service website for more information.
The Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817 Provides information, advice and referrals to all victims of family violence (Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm).
The Immigrant Women's Domestic Violence Service provides culturally sensitive information, support and referral to women and children in family violence situations. Contact them on 1800 755 988 or (03) 8413 6800 (Monday to Friday 9.15 am – 5.15 pm).

Signs to look out for
Family violence is not always obvious. Some key signs to look out for include:
• The person seems afraid of a family member
• The person has stopped seeing friends or family
• The person seems anxious or depressed, has lost confidence and is unusually quiet
• The person has physical injuries such as bruises, broken bones, sprains or cuts
• The person says that they are being pressured to do sexual things
• Their family member criticises or humiliates the person in front of other people.

How you can help
• Listen to what the person has to say and believe them
• Tell the person that the violence is not their fault
• Encourage the person to seek help
• Be patient and let them come to their own decisions

For more information about how you can help someone who is experiencing family violence, visit the Domestic Violence Resource Centre website.

Child Abuse Links - An Australian government site of links dealing with all forms of child abuse.

Child Abuse Prevention Service

Queensland Government Child Safety

Victorian Child Abuse/Child Protection Service

Prevent Child Abuse Australia

NAPCAN - Preventing Child Abuse

Who's Looking After The Kids? - an Australian Government overview

ACT for Kids - An Australian website about abuse.

Help For Victims Of Sexual Assualt - A NSW Government site

Broken Rites Australia - Fighting church sexual abuse


Country List
Gabriela - National Alliance Of  Women

Country List
Vrouwenopvang Utrecht (Utrecht women's shelter) - Dealing with Domestic Violence

Dutch Predators: veroordeelde pedoseksuelen online

Stop Kindersex In Dutch

Kindermishandeling, u kunt altijd iets doen In Dutch

Yolanthe's Stichting : Stop Kindermisbruik In Dutch

Kindermishandeling &Amp; Kindermisbruik, Stop Het Nu !!! In Dutch


Country List
The Community Coalition Against Family Violence

Child Advocates

Clergy Abuse

Choosing Child Care

Educator Abuse

How to protect your child from a molester

United Kingdom

Country List
NSPCC - Help and Advice - Your Family - Domestic Violence

Therapeutic Work with Sexually Abused Children (Paperback)

Female genital mutilation helpline launched: a free 24-hour advice and support to protect UK children from FGM.

Country List
Belgische pedofielen met naam en foto's op internet

Country List
Jugendschutz im Internet - Mehr Rücksicht auf Kinder: A German language Child Protection site