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We are currently working on Bios for the team and regular contributors to the site.

These Bios will just be a basic introduction to the team members.

Bob Burling - Team Webmaster
Bob has had involvement with youth and community groups since his high school days in the mid 60's and during the years since has had extensive training in all areas of youth and community work including extensive youth counselling training. Over the years he has written many training manuals for those wishing to be involved in this area of work.
He became a "born again" Christian in 1967 while at university and has, over the years, been very active in whatever church he has been involved with.
He is also a very competent musician, singer and songwriter, having written songs specifically for the Crying In The Silence Project as well as hundreds of other songs. His musical experience includes both professional and church based work.
He commenced his involvement with computers in 1967, when he first became interested in computer programming. Since then he has branched out into most areas of computing, having commenced involvement with the Internet and subsequent web page writing back in the early 90's before the Internet had actually become a part of daily life. He is also a qualified computer teacher.
He was a victim of abuse in his high school days at a boarding school, where the culture of abuse was rampant. In recent years he has had extensive experience with victims of abuse and dealing with matters of abuse.
The author, Carlynn, knows quite a lot about abuse and its consequences. Her 21-year-old daughter was murdered by her abuser-fiance’ in 2001, which left nothing but horror and  anguish in its wake. 
Carlynn recently published  Angels in the Landfill (Mixed Blessings and Saving Graces)  2009.  The link to information about her book is:
Or for more details use this link to
Angels In the Landfill