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Dedicated to the victims of abuse


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This page is being developed for teenagers. To offer advice, guidance and an avenue of contact
for those who feel thatthey would like to seek some advice or guidance for their specific
situation. Please feel free to contact us if you need to talk.

If you work with teenagers who have been abused or you are a teenager who ahas been abused,
you might care to consider contributing to this section of the web site to help in the outreach to
teenagers who are victims of abuse.

 Sexting is a rising trend, especially amongst the young. However, it is highly dangerous and can be deemed illegal in many circumstances. We recommend that you watch the following news story to see the dangers.

Kids Hep Line

This video depicts a teenage girl's experience of sexting. It highlights that once something is created in a digital format and then shared, you lose control over who sees it and what they do with it.
Think you know what happens to your images? Who will see them? How they will affect you? Think again

Teen Queries and Answers Link

NetSmartz Workshop


Flaunting your body
Is not a good idea
People start looking
At you very weird
You may think you’re secure
But you could be in danger
Of being lured
And before you realize it
You’re running in fear
Be careful don’t get burnt
Hopefully this is
Something you’ve learnt
Wisdom comes with maturity
Or you could end up
Losing your purity
In today’s society
It’s become fashionable
To bare it all
But the danger in that
Is you’re most likely to fall
Your body is precious
And your true beauty
Is within you
This is a reflection
Of the real you
Self respect gives honour
To your body
But acting brazen
You become shoddy
Putting yourself in a position
To be sexually molested
Causes others to sin into temptation
This is a serious violation
Think about the way you dress
Who do you really want to impress
We also have an obligation
And that is setting an example
For the next generation

Natalie Price June 2009


A new baby on the way
But you’re not happy
And it will not go away
Taking responsibility
For this new life
May involved
In you taking
A new wife
This is something
You did not expect
But it’s not fair
On the child
If you have any regrets
How would you
Like to feel rejected
Without being loved
And accepted
Your baby has needs
If you did not want
The child in the first place
You shouldn’t have
Done the deed
A new baby is a joy
Not something to stuff
Away as a toy
From the moment
Of conception
Your baby
Needs affection
A seed of love
Is planted in the womb
Nurturing your baby
With love
Will grow and bloom
This is well away
From the gloom and doom

Natalie Price June 2009


TEEN ABUSE - A RESOURCE This site also has information in Spanish (Espanol)

LOVE IS NOT ABUSE - 10 signs to tell if your friend might be being abused in a relationship

TEEN DEPRESSION - A great reference and advice site

SPOTTING THE SIGNS OF TEEN ABUSE - A great article with good advice

- Offering advice to teens and others on getting along

LIFELINE - 131114 - Telephone Counselling (Australia)

HOPE FOR LIFE - Suicide Prevention - 1300 467 354 (Salvation Army - Australia)

Bursting The Bubble

Reach Out Australia

Beyond Blue LogoBeyond Blue Inforline

Oasis Link

Headspace Access


I feel so left out of things
Mum and Dad close the door
We don’t talk as a family
Or do things together anymore
Meal times are the same
We sit in silence
Except when
They call my name
They’re always to busy
To give me any time
And reject my hugs
Which I think is so unkind
There is no affection in our house
If they do speak, it’s only to rouse
I feel deeply hurt inside
And I often go to my room
Hide my feelings and cry
I don’t think they care any longer
My heart is wounded
I need to get stronger
I’ve built a wall around myself
As they only care about their wealth
In my despair I started to pray
The Lord has given me comfort
He looks at me in a different way

Natalie Price May 2009


I’ve met this cool guy
But I am rather shy
He tells me that he
Really likes me
And I’ve only known
Him a few days
But now he wants
Things to go further
And he doesn’t
Listen to what I say
I’m not really ready
For this kind
Of commitment
And I don’t want
To get myself in
Any kind
Of predicament
He says
I must not like him
If I don’t say yes
Now I’m under
So much stress
I don’t want
To lose him
But I know I will
If I refuse him
Inside me I know
This is not right
If I give in to him
I’m not very bright
It’s hard when you
Like someone so much
But I don’t want to give in
To him and be touched
If this guy really liked me
He would understand
So I refuse to fall
For his persistent demands
And would be far better off
One day waiting for the
My special right man

Natalie Price May 2009

as performed by
White Arrow
R. J. Burling 21st April, 2009

Dedicated to those women who are slaves of abuse.

A Slave Of Abuse

The lines upon your face are all etched with fear
Look into your soft eyes and there is seen a tear
And mis'ry is all you feel but you can't get free
He has you within his grip as tight as can be
He has his way with you when he feels he has need
Doesn't care about your life, only just his greed
He has control of you: though you hate the sad life
Could not care what you feel; you are only his wife.

          The sun don't shine from your face any more
          Shadows appear to be all ‘round your door.
          Like one has gone and just turned out your light.
          Once more you feel like you'll give up your fight.

The child that lies within you should bring you great joy
But to him it is only just a pleasure toy
One he will be hoping to use for his pleasure
That is all he feels about your little treasure
She is destined to cry out all because of pain
Brought about into her life by his own sick gain
All this she cannot fight; her life we may yet mourn
A wasteful sentence laid on one who's not yet born.


Just walk away and seek for those you know will care
Those who know just what you feel, ‘cause they have been there
In faith they took a stand and just walked right away
And felt that they no longer wanted there to stay.
There are people who will help and take up your fight
So that you can have life where you can feel just right
And so the child who lies there, deep within your womb
Will not be forced to find her peace down in a tomb

          The sun can now shine on your face once more
          The shadows be banished from ‘round your door.
          Someone has come and just turned on your light.
          And now you can stand up and win this fight.


A nasty rash
What could it be
It’s so sore and
Inside of me
I feel so sick
It hurts so much
I wonder
If it happened
When I was touched
I should have listened
What I’ve been taught
These look awful
Horrible looking warts
My boyfriend refuses
To take any advice
He says it’s like
Wearing a raincoat
And it’s not nice
Protection is better
Than infection
If I become pregnant
I can pass it on
To my baby
And it just
Goes on and on
I know there are many
Serious diseases
I’m sick of
My boyfriend’s attitude
Wanting unprotected sex
As he pleases
He just laughs at me
And sometimes swears
Shows that you care
I need to get rid
Of this guy
Because sometimes
These diseases
Can cause you to die

Natalie Price June 2009

It’s not cool to do drugs
The types you meet
Are usually thugs
Affects the brain
And can lead to
Far more Serious
Drug use like cocaine
Your confidence
Is affected
Then you start
To feel rejected
Society shuns you
Your family suffers
For what you put
Them through
Your health is under
Serious threat
Anxiety sets in
And you really
Start to sweat
Long term
Drug use
Is serious
Many users
Become delirious
It can lower the
Sperm count
In males
And increase
The risk
Of infertility
In females
Your sex drive
And you
May not survive
Change your lifestyle
Before it
Destroys you
Your life
Can be worthwhile
You need
To make changes
It’s well overdue

Natalie Price June 2009

Mum goes to work all day
She leaves me at home
While her boyfriend stays
When it’s getting dark
He makes suggestive remarks
How do I tell my mum
What can I say
She really likes him
And thinks he’s okay
His eyes follow me
Around the room
Even when I’m sweeping
With the old wooden broom
I feel so uneasy
When I’m at home with him
Even when I put the
Rubbish In the bin
He watches me do everything
My skins crawls knowing
He thinks of me that way
I wish he would leave our home
And find another place to stay
I try to avoid him
As much as I can
He tries to get close to me
Especially with his hands
This situation could
Get out of control
I feel like I’m trapped
In a big black hole
We live out of town
Far from anyone else
I can’t even yell
To the nearest house
I should try to tell someone
Before he offends
I find it hard to tell mum
Maybe I should tell
Her friends

Natalie Price 7th January 2010

My parents
Make me feel ill
They don’t care
How I feel
Always putting me down
And telling me what
I should do
I’m sick and tired
Of listening
Its hell they’re
Putting me through
Life is not easy
When you’re a
Teenage kid
When anything
Goes wrong
They make me feel
It’s something I did
My grades at school
Are falling
But I’m accused
And told I’m fooling
Even when I try
They tell me
I’m telling lies
My mates keep
Telling me to
Leave home
Where do I go
I feel so alone
My home life is a sham
These days I don’t even
Know who I am
Many of my mates
Are into drugs
It’s easy to get hold of
But I’m scared
Of the bullying thugs
I’ve heard many stories
So many are true
I was told if I get
Into that scene
The next victim
Could be you
My mind is mess up
I don’t know
What to think
All I know is that
My world stinks

Natalie Price August 30, 2010