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This page is dedicated to poetry about abuse

The poems on this page have all been contributed by Wanda Strickland.

Written by:  Wanda Strickland March 24, 2004

Lord, I seek You in a body that is grown;
In my mind, I’m a little girl longing to belong.
I am mature according to the world;
Deep in my soul, I’m your wounded little girl.

When the pain comes, in my mind, I understand;
But, deep in my soul, I struggle with the ways of man.
I’m still that little girl standing at the door
Crying, “Love me! Love me! I need You more!”

I can’t seem to erase the memories of time;
Different events dredge up emotions in the mind.
At times, I come to the conclusion;
I’m better off to live in seclusion.

Not understanding, deep in my soul, it’s You, I yearn;
Confused, driven, compelled, love, I must earn.
Without flaw, driven to seek perfection;
Perceiving in my soul, only rejection.

Lord, today, before Your throne of grace;
I surrender to You, prone on my face.
Your love, show me how to receive.
Fill my spirit with a hunger to believe.

Hold me.  Love me.  I surrender control;
Hear the cry of my heart!  I want to be whole.
Heal the deep pain in my soul;
A deep intimate relationship is my goal.

Lord, take this wounded little girl;
Make me Your bride in this world.
May I clearly understand I’m not my own;
To You, I will forever belong!

Written by:  Wanda Strickland  April 29, 2004

I looked in the mirror today;
Nothing seemed in disarray.
Unconsciously, I put on my mask;
Now I was ready for any task.

Never thinking if this made sense;
I had long lived a life of pretense.
Never stopping to ask, “Who am I?”
Self was lost that I couldn’t deny.

I had become the great pretender;
My life’s story I couldn’t render.
But with a smile on my face;
Trials and adversity, I’d embrace.

With unrelenting resolve off I’d go;
Everything under control, you know?
With never a thought of my Savior;
Self-sufficiency, I would savor.

To cope with life, I’d sacrificed self;
The Savior’s call, I’d become deaf.
“Who was I?” I began to say.
“How did I get here?” in dismay.

Having been blinded by deception;
Needing a godly perception.
Who did you create me to be?
As your child, re-define, me!
Written by:  Wanda Strickland  October 20, 2004

God said, “I did come for you!”
Though pain you had to go through.
Even in your grief and despair,
I was by your side, right there.

God said, “I did come for you!”
When you thought I had left you.
You went through the flood water,
I carried you, my precious daughter.

God said, “I did come for you!”
My character always true.
On me, you’ll learn to depend.
My love for you without end.

I brought you divine safety;
Triumphing adversity.
At Cal’vry, I set you free
For Me in eternity.

God said, “I did come for you!”
Even though you never knew.
The fiery trials you’d go through;
But….never out of my view.

My love for you is so great;
My coming was never too late.
I held you securely in my hand
‘Til the day you’d understand.
Written by:  Wanda Strickland  June 12, 2005

My life consumed by lots of pain;
My essence controlled by guilt and shame.
Around my heart, I had built a wall;
Constantly resisting freedom’s call.

I allowed no love to enter in;
My pain and shame held deep within.
My hardened heart turned to stone,
Desperation in a soul all alone.

This prison was my self protection,
Enduring the pain of rejection.
Afraid to allow anyone in;
My loneliness ruled deep within.

One day I heard the Savior’s call.
Redemption freely given to all.
Hope resonated from deep within;
But, what must I do to begin?

Old thought patterns hard to let go;
Trusting, even harder, you know.
Deep within, the desire to be free;
Trying to grasp all Christ had for me.

The desire to be whole compelled me.
To tear down walls that had entombed me.
Deep in my soul, I began to sing;
Joy overflowing at freedom’s ring!

I now embraced the work of the Cross!
My Redeemer had paid my cost.
Victory came from my Savior’s call.
Redemption freely given to all!

Written by:  Wanda Strickland June 22, 2005

In each person’s life, there are scars of pain;
Childhood regrets, experiences of shame.
Circumstances causing holes in the heart;
Unreconciled hurts driving each apart.

Unable to reconcile these in the mind,
We doubt God’s faithfulness over time.
Bitterness emanating from the soul;
Living a life of fear…out of control.

Struggling to understand God’s sovereignty;
Unforgiveness, wreaking havoc inside me.
Choosing to remain in my state of pain;
My failures and faults, everyone to blame.

Finally, the Lord brought me to a place;
Where His inheritance I could embrace.
Knowing these scars were not meant to defeat;
But my Lord more intimately to seek.

These painful events my character to build;
When I’m yielded and surrendered to His will.
This broken vessel unworthy of the price,
As I’m conformed to the image of Christ.

Still bearing scars though I’m whole and healed.
Nothing wasted, His divine purpose revealed.
Each of the broken pieces, He uses them;
All of the glory and honor go to Him!
Written by:  Wanda Strickland February 11, 2006

I’d earnestly searched my heart deep within;
Found emptiness, I could not comprehend.
It had followed me like a dark shadow;
Satisfaction, elusive, not to know.

Hurt and driven, I’d searched far and wide;
Always, allowing the flesh to decide.
Satisfaction, incomplete and fleeting;
Emptiness came back…haunting, defeating.

This emptiness, I could not satisfy;
Failed, worldly pursuits, I could not deny.
Desperation, a life of guilt and shame;
So tired of pretending and casting blame.

I’d earnestly searched my heart deep within;
Found emptiness, I could not comprehend.
It had followed me like a dark shadow;
Satisfaction…elusive…not to know.

This incessant gnawing finally drew me;
To yield to God of all Eternity.
Straightway, all my emptiness did abate;
Into God’s love, with Him, I now relate.

Receiving God’s love, hard for me to do;
Deep down, unworthy, my mind must renew.
All of God’s love, in time, I’d come to know;
Mercy and grace on me, He did bestow.

Into God’s love, I can now persevere;
His life’s plan for me is now clear.
Into God’s love, my victory I shout;
My Father’s love for me, I’ll never doubt!

Written by:  Wanda Strickland October 31, 2006

Broken Promises, Broken Crown,
A life existing, no hope found.
Broken promises, loss of trust;
Being, self-reliance, a must.

In you, deep anger always brews;
Hurtful words from the past accuse.
A stony, hard heart takes control;
A life filled with pain and strongholds.

Broken promises, broken crown;
Fears and “if onlies” abound.
Surviving in a world of pretense;
Blaming becomes your defense.

Wounds in the heart, open and deep;
A damaged and hurt soul weeps.
Bound to the past hurtful events;
Images in the mind that torment.

Broken promises, you may grieve.
God’s faithfulness hard to conceive.
Broken promises, seeking love;
Yet, chosen by God and beloved!

God has for you dreams to come true;
His love for you will see you through.
No longer broken is your crown;
But waiting is your wedding gown.

Broken promises, broken crown;
Don’t let past hurts keep you down.
Your soul, with his Word, surround.
For in Christ, victory is found.

Written by:  Wanda Strickland May 24, 2007

When life is empty,
No one beside me.
I know Lord, You’re there,
Because You care!

Filled with great despair;
More than I can bear.
I know Lord, You’re there,
Because You care!

In the darkest night,
You’re my heart’s delight.
I know Lord, You’re there,
Because You care!

Even at morning’s dawn,
You are never gone.
I know Lord, You’re there,
Because You care!

Even though I’m slayed;
I will not be dismayed.
In you Lord, I’ll trust;
Until again, I’m dust.

To You Lord, I belong;
Filled with a joyful song.
I know Lord, You’re there,
Because You care!

Written by:  Wanda Strickland December 10, 2007

Even though, you are alive;
Struggling to survive.
Are you in the dying room?
Life, encompassed by gloom?

Feeling, only great despair;
Wondering who will care?
Hopeless and all alone;
Where do I belong?

Are you in the dying room?
Fate, impending, only doom?
Deep within, anger brewing
Words heard, accusing.

Crippled by a state of shame;
Ever medicating the pain.
Crying, I want this to end;
A new life, how to begin?

The answer is so clear;
If only, you will hear.
Christ, the gift of life;
For a dying world in strife..

Our hope dwells in Him;
Our failures, we surrender them.
Accepting the price He paid;
Payment in full made.

Instead of the dying room
And the ever state of gloom,
We accept the life of Christ
Embracing His sacrifice.

Written by:  Wanda Strickland December 27, 2007

Into this world a babe came,
By angels, Messiah proclaimed.
By some, His deity denied;
As they continued in pride.

By many, His lordship feigned,
As their commitment waned.
Filled only with rules and laws;
By His presence never awed.

In darkness, he became the light;
Saving sinners from their plight.
He was the gift of life
In a world of pain and strife.

Blinded by their sin;
Many refused to let Him in.
He, the unopened gift;
To a world with souls adrift.

Many refused to accept truth;
Crying, “Give us the proof!”
Even today, it’s still the same.
As many profane His name.

He, the unopened gift;
To lives, aimlessly adrift.
Thirsty, seeking souls;
Dying, refusing lordship controls.
Written by:  Wanda Strickland February 20, 2008

Letting go what lies behind
Brings healing to the mind.
Seeking God is your sign
By His perfect design.

Letting go what lies behind
Brings peace to the mind.
Stopping inner turmoil
Causing emotions to boil.

Letting go what lies behind
Immobilizes fear in the mind.
Thought patterns that paralyze;
Inability to see with God’s eyes.

Letting go what lies behind
Releases events that bind.
Changes memories of pain;
Actions reflecting shame.

Letting go what lies behind
Brings healing to the mind.
Released to be me;
To live in vict’ry!

Written by:  Wanda Strickland 4/26/2009

 Felt like a “throw-away” child?
A life of deception and guile.
For love, you perform;
World’s standards, you conform.

A life of guilt and shame;
Always medicating the pain.
A life of constant torment;
Seeking peace for a moment.

Tormented by the abuse;
Denial becomes your excuse..
Surrendering to the flesh;
Pain and sin enmeshed.

Were you a throw-away child?
A life of chaos and trial.
Living in constant fear;
Walls, barriers, no one near.

Struggling with self-worth,
Feeling rejected from birth.
Emotional wounds deep within;
Surrendered to defeat and sin.

All of these you hide;
With a stony heart you abide.
A life of great pretense,
A world making no sense.

But you can have hope
When you’re trying to cope.
Christ, call upon Him;
Casting your problem.

Upon Jesus you rely.
His power you won’t deny.
He came to restore, renew;
Heal, free, and make new!

No longer, a throw-away child;
Feeling shame and reviled.
Instead, a child of the King.
With joy, your heart sings.

Accepted, loved, and pursued;
His amazing grace, you’re endued.
Holy Spirit led and trained;
Preparation for eternal reign.

Written by:  Wanda Strickland April 26, 2009

As I walked in the dark of night,
Deep within sensing unease and fright.
Enveloped by the thick descending fog;
Silence shattered by a distant frog.

Tenuously, groping for each step;
Emotions out of control, fear leapt.
Paralyzed by the grip of fear;
If only, someone was here.

Feeling separated and all alone;
Where to turn?  Self-sufficiency gone.
Traversing this earthly maze,
Confused, wandering, in this daze.

In the distance a speck of light,
Overcoming the darkness of night.
A lighthouse, high on the hill;
Emitting light, its purpose, fulfilled.

From darkness to light, you’re drawn
A sense of hopelessness now gone.
Slowly, the fears begin to fade;
The light of His Word pervades.

The Light overtaking darkness;
From your soul removing starkness.
Overcoming the darkness of night,
Empowered by His might.

Onward, through the night you go;
Progress, sometimes, so slow.
Hope imbued, light at the end;
Now accompanied by your best friend.

Jesus Christ is the only light;
Able to overcome the darkness of night.
In His presence, we continually abide.
Protected, held close by His side.


Written by:  Wanda Strickland June 30, 2008

I had a birth father;
Whom I was a bother.
When I was young, he left;
A broken heart soon felt.

His leaving, a crushing blow;
His love never to know.
No hugs or kisses at night;
Soon forgotten…out of sight.

Years, wanting to know;
Why did he go?
Never, a daddy’s girl;
Just a lonely world.

I’ve another Father;
Whom I’m no bother.
I’m His precious daughter;
Filled with living water.

He loves me so dearly;
His pathway, I see clearly.
His heart my treasure;
Mercy without measure.

He calls me so gently;
Desiring intimacy.
Patiently, waiting on me;
Come and sit with me.

His love will never end;
Faithfulness never rescinds.
Relationship without end;
He’s Father and Friend!


Written by:  Wanda Strickland November 01, 2009

A frightened voice in the night
Will anyone understand your plight?
An un-uttered cry with no voice;
Wondering, do you have a choice?

Footsteps in the night to your bed.
Fear-filled, anguished, you dread.
Acts performed without consent;
Anger so deep…no where to vent.

As you endure another assault,
Thinking, somehow it’s my fault.
Emotions lying, no one cares;
Tighter, deeper, the web ensnares.

Feelings of worthlessness and shame,
Denying again, the relentless pain.
Intense feelings of rejection,
Constant fear of detection.

A lonely voice in the night;
Who’ll understand your plight?
In this world so all alone;
Never a sense, you belong.

A frightened voice in the night;
Lord, will You intervene tonight?
Questions… why’s go unanswered;
Your mind attacked with the absurd.

Bound by strongholds of doubt and fear;
Unable to trust, no one near.
Self-sufficiency becoming a must;
Coping to survive, you adjust.

 Missing God’s plan for your life;
Consumed by the pain and strife.
Yet, Christ is patiently calling;
Even in the midst of your bawling.

Come my child, you are so loved;
Chosen and valued my beloved.
Held and protected in my hand;
Someday, you will understand.